Meet the Class of 2017 – Where are they now?

The class of 2017 had 8 graduates. Many have gone on to study internationally at Universities in subjects ranging from Biomedical Science to Business. Read on to see where they ended up.

Dalisay Giovacchinni
Imperial College London
B Sc Biology

I began my seven-year journey at The Codrington School (TCS) in MYP1, and graduated in DP2 after making some really good friends and learning from teachers. As a firm believer that one should study what they enjoy, I will be furthering my studies in Biological Sciences at Imperial College London.

Sasha Hill
Instituto de Empresa (IE) Business School
Dual BA Degree in International Relations & Law

I started school at Codrington in PYP 7 and continued all the way up to DP2. Throughout my time at Codrington I was able to expand on my love for history and global issues as those issues were constantly incorporated into every class. Due to this breadth of syllabi in the various subjects, I am now pursuing my passions at Instituto de Empresa in Madrid Spain studying Law and International relations. One of the reasons I enjoyed my time so much at Codrington is that the teachers are truly invested in the students and they really do motivate you to do your absolute best. The most significant event in my school life was getting the opportunity to study abroad in Spain every summer since MYP 4. It took some convincing to get me to actually go but I am so glad I did. I learnt so much about a culture which is so different from the one I grew up in and this helped to make the decision that I wanted to finish the rest of my higher education years in Spain.

Salome Wysocki
Ryerson University
B.Comm. in Hospitality & Tourism Management

I joined Codrington in DP1 and two months later than everyone else. Despite my late arrival, both the teachers’ dedication and scope of the IB system allowed me to have a smooth transition into the community. I was still unsure as to which path I would take after completing my Diploma. However, over the two years, Codrington helped me discover what interested me most, which is traveling the world and meeting new people. I am now studying Hospitality and Tourism Management at Ryerson University in Toronto, Canada in hope that this will help me pursue my passion later on

Ella Mitchell-Sutton
University of Waterloo
BA (Hons.) English

I attended Codrington for 2 years, from DP1 to DP2 but I can wholeheartedly say that my time there was both enjoyable and rewarding. It is evident that each of the teachers that taught me are not only well-versed in their field, but also care deeply for their students, allowing me to have confidence – of which I previously lacked – in both my studies and myself. Being an avid reader and having a love for English literature has encouraged me to pursue a Bachelor of Arts in English at the University of Waterloo in Canada. Moreover when I was at Codrington, I was reminded of my interest in Sports. As DP students we were able to partake in Sports Day and now I am signed up for the Track & Field team at my University.

Leslie Mutoni
University of Toronto
BA (Hons.) Economics

I began my studies at The Codrington School towards the end of DP1. Adjusting to the IB curriculum, given its rigorous demands, was no easy task but I was able to do so with the help of the many teachers guiding me and providing me with the necessary resources needed for my success. Before arriving at Codrington, I had already developed a strong interest in Economics. As such, I am now attending the University of Toronto, where I plan on pursuing an Honours Bachelor of Arts in Economics and Sociology. After gaining experience with students of various backgrounds at Codrington, I look forward to expanding my knowledge of the many cultures I will encounter in one of the world’s most international cities

Mia Cothran
University of Guelph

I was first enrolled in The Codrington school in PYP7, and have been there all the way through my MYP- DP years. As I transitioned from PYP, to MYP and finally to the DP programme It became evident that DP was going to be challenging, require constant determination and dedication and above all a solid work ethic. Needless to say with the support of faculty that genuinely care for your academic success, provide you with the necessary materials ( ones ALL students should seek to take full advantage of!) made the journey a little bit easier. Now having graduated from T.C.S I am currently majoring in Psychology and minoring in marketing. at the wonderful University Of Guelph. Would like to extend my thanks to all faculty once more for helping get to this new chapter of my academic journey!

Natusha Thill
University of Warwick
BSc in (International) Management

Many students including myself can agree that Codrington is a very different, special environment as a small, intimate international school in the Caribbean. Spending all my high school life and completing my IB Diploma here, I can say that I have transformed and learned tremendously, as well as felt comfortable in the open-minded and diverse community. My Codrington and IB experience combined have helped me pave my path towards an unpredictable, yet invigorating future.

Saskia Rock-Williams
Brunel University
Law Degree (LLB)